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Service Delivery

Service Delivery Desktop Review

Your fleet enables service delivery but without reliable repeatable data and benchmarking, how do you know how well your fleet or mobility solutions perform?

This is a question many of our clients asked us the first time we meet.

To assist you to get a better understanding of how well your fleet is performing and how well your organisation is doing in delivering services, Uniqco offers an initial desktop review of your mobility solution, be it cars, trucks, plant or equipment (even trailers, chainsaws, pumps, boats, and generators).

As part of the desktop review, we complete a review of:

We offer a comprehensive summary report and GAP analysis of your fleet with recommendations of where you can focus to deliver results and optimise your fleet performance.

Benchmarking your fleet health

Uniqco is a data science company. We take your data and turn it into meaningful reports, using a simple, easy-to-understand traffic light system.

Our dashboards are customised to deliver reports to your inbox and direct to supervisors and managers. You can clearly measure performance against key performance indicators, using your data and our industry benchmarks.

Trend reports

Benchmark analysis by group and type

We compare not only performance, but also cost, risk and efficiency.

Meeting community expectations

We have a team of consultants that specialise in community consultation, understanding what your community expects.

Our team is skilled to work with communities to reflect the true cost of service delivery and then match community expectations with real service delivery. So often we encounter organisations that genuinely believe the community expectation is higher than what is really expected. With our guidance and coaching, we enable community organisations to deliver service levels that are realistic whilst enabling significant savings.

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