Uniqco’s data science and business analytics approach to fleet management is about using data from complementary sources to provide meaningful insights to our clients on how to optimise their fleet performance.

Fleet and plant is subject to unprecedented disruption with everything from ride share, car share, to autonomous self-driving vehicles. The latest developments question the problem, what are we trying to solve and what is the best mobility solution? Uniqco’s approach always goes back to service delivery and what is the best result for the customer.


reporting at your fingertips

Unifleet is a web-based industry standard plant and vehicle fleet management and reporting system and the core of our operational services providing fleet management.

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operational performance

Delivering fleet management key performance operational "flash reports" direct to your teams enable operators to provide an efficient low cost fleet solution.

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Irrespective of the services our clients deliver, fleet and plant enables the delivery of these services. Cars, trucks, aircraft, ships, ferries, trains, earthmoving plant and the like all enable service delivery. Services from health and aged care to drainage and road construction all require some mobility solution.

Grant Andrews

CEO, Uniqco

Our vision is simple: We drive value for money through fleet data analytics delivered through easy to understand reporting

Philip Aquilina

Data Analytics, Uniqco Group

To help customers analyze their fleet data for meaningful, actionable insights. Our strategic consultants, together with our real-time advanced fleet analytics technologies, leadership, and comprehensive database, are empowering our customers to think and act proactively instead of reactively.

Upskill your people

Over the past decade Uniqco has provided best practice training to hundreds of fleet practitioners across the country.

Uniqco has expanded its best practice training to incorporate innovation labs, which explore the fleet opportunities presented by the share economy.

Uniqco has responded to the challenges and opportunities of the share economy by working with clients in a holistic approach known as fleet category management.

This contemporary approach to analysing and interpreting fleet data will ensure Uniqco clients receive the best advice and adopt the optimum mix of fleet options for its service delivery

Access innovative special vehicle solutions

In order to deliver efficient, safe, economical, services, our clients often require specalised plant and equipment! Uniqco Special Vehicles have preferred supplier agreements with numerous producers of specialist plant and equipment, solutions for road, rail, air and marine applications for more see www.uniqcosv.com.

Uniqco would like to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are the traditional owners of the lands and waters of Australia
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