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Our strategy for implementing best practice is integrated across all stages of the mobile asset lifecycle

We work in association with your people to sustain this change


Uniqco technical specialists have unique knowledge of the design requirements.

When specifying vehicles operational factors to be considered include:

  • Weight and dimension limits
  • Road vehicle laws
  • Dynamic stability
  • Tractive effort
  • OH&S
  • Ergonomics
  • Operating efficiency

Our services in the selection and procurement phase include:

  • Homologation requirements for each country
  • Arranging compliance with OH&S
  • Office of Rail Safety for on rail use (if required)
  • Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DOTARS)
  • On road compliance (if required)
  • Delivery of unit
  • Training and operator induction

Once operational Uniqco provide:

  • Cloud data capture to optimise performance of mobile assets
  • Data integrating from multiple sources - finance, fuel, telematics, maintenance and safety
  • A business intelligence tool to enable strategic performance analysis
  • Managing lease/higher packages

The economic life of a special vehicle is often subject to discussion.

  • Managing optimum replacement points are critical to obtaining lowest operating cost
  • Monitoring maintenance failures
  • Component update and exchange (rebuild and compliance update)
  • Optimising resale value
  • Reducing downtime
  • End of life risk assessment

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