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ZAGRO Rail Shunting

Uniqco Special Vehicles' dedicated rail-specific operation imports and distributes the complete range of road-rail equipment from German manufacturers ZAGRO specialists in purpose-built rail-shunting and road-rail machines.

These include the Unimog Shunter with up to 1000T shunt capacity and ZAGRO remote controlled E-MAXI, with capabilities from 100T to 700T on dry flat rail.


ZAGRO Unimog Shunting Vehicle ZAGRO_E_MAXI ZAGRO_Unimog_Shunting_technology


We also offer simple shunting shunting solutions ZAGRO's unique but simple diesel railcar shunter, the forklift shunter and small railcar movers

Impressively, a ZAGRO-equipped road/rail Unimog can shunt loads up to 1000 tonnes. Yes, 1000 tonnes. And it can also travel up to 50km/h on rails, both forward and in reverse.

Radio remote control reduces the number of staff required for a shunt, points change etc as the driver can operate the whole train from a convenient safe position alongside the track.




Uniqco Special Vehicles' benefits are numerous, and include:

  • Access to two of Europe's leading rail equipment manufacturers;
  • Complete parts and maintenance support, simplifying component responsibility among suppliers;
  • Training for maintenance teams and access to electronic diagnostic equipment;
  • Products that meet the latest European standards for safety and environmental controls, and;
  • Australian standards certified

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