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Rail Maintenance Vehicles

Established in 1994, UNIQCO has built its enviable reputation for delivering high-quality rail solutions using the Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck as a prime mover. The result is a catalogue of specialist equipment that allows the iconic truck to perform a number of rail-related functions, including shunting, track-laying work and re-railing along with service, repair and emergency rescue operations.

On-railing a Unimog truck requires only five metres of level track. Mounting and dismounting the rails is simplified for the vehicle's operator by the system's onboard cameras.


To make working with Australia's various rail gauges both possible and simple, the track guidance system can accommodate tracks of 1067mm, 1435mm and 1600mm - all with the same Unimog truck.

The availability of a radio remote-control system allows an operator to shunt from outside the vehicle. The same remote-control system even lets the Unimog to be operated from a man-basket without an operator in the driving position. Radio remote control reduces the number of staff required for a shunt, points change etc as the driver can operate the whole train from a convenient safe position alongside the track.


Uniqco Special Vehicles' benefits are numerous, and include:

  • Access to two of Europe's leading rail equipment manufacturers;
  • Complete parts and maintenance support, simplifying component responsibility among suppliers;
  • Training for maintenance teams and access to electronic diagnostic equipment;
  • Products that meet the latest European standards for safety and environmental controls, and;
  • Australian standards certified to AS7502
  • Fully ADR certified vehicles with Uniqco’s own Second Stage Manufacturers certification
  • Fitted with the latest CANBUS enabled data logger that not only meets the event logging required by Australian Standards but goes further by watching every move the vehicle makes, temperatures, pressures, accelerometer, braking, etc
  • Every vehicle delivered is supported with our cloud reporting customer care package that includes, reporting services due, safety compliance and vehicle performance management

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