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Verge Maintenance

MULAG is a leading manufacturer of verge maintenance and tunnel-washing equipment, boasting a comprehensive product range suitable for use with Fendt, JCB, and Mercedes Benz Tractor units.

MULAG's mowing equipment makes year-round roadside maintenance simple and efficient with a range of mowers that fit to either the front, centre or rear of the carrier vehicle. MULAG even has a solution where three mowers - verge, front, and rear - can be operated as a combination by a single operator. And with MULAG's power arm technology, its mowing systems can reach up to 7.2 metres, delivering great ground coverage.


JCB Tractor with a Mulag MLM200 and MRM300 Mulag MFK 500 Front Mounted Verge Mower on a Unimog U400 Mulag MLM 200 post mower verge mower combination


All units are front or side mounted for improved safety, vision, lower risk of stress related injuries due to operating a rear mounted mower. Our innovative under barrier verge mower also eliminates the need for manual (whipper snipping) around guide posts, reducing OH&S risk of individual operators mowing close to traffic. Attachments are easily mounted, tree trimming devices, scrub mowers and ditch cleaners are some of the more popular units.


Mulag - Unimog Verge Maintenance Equipment Mulag Free Zone Cutter Unimog U400

Tunnel washing systems

MULAG's tunnel washing solutions deliver quick working speed and great cleaning performance. The MFK 500-T washer features an operator-controlled detergent dosing system and the TWB 2100 2.1-metre-wide washer is ideal for cleaning ceiling lights in tunnels.


Mulag Actros Tunnel Washer Mulag MFK500T Tunnel Washer Unimog U400


The innovative and highly efficient Mulag TWG 600 can clean not only sections of tunnel ceilings and walls but also road surfaces and niches. The hydraulic arm situated behind the truck's cabin has an impressive 6-metre horizontal reach and the front-mounted road-washing bar has a three-section design for optimal surface coverage.

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